Family Counseling

Family counseling can be conducted within the privacy of working with a trained professional therapist (who specializes in family or group counseling), a pastor/ minister/rabbi (representing a religious/spiritual organization) or through designated non-profit agencies (located throughout Ventura County).

A Parent’s Guide — be sure to watch for these warning signs —
Teen Mental Health Problems: Warning Signs

The Aster Foundation (Child Abuse Counseling)
530 W. Ojai Avenue, #208
(805) 646-9724

Genesis Program (in Ventura) —
specializes in chemical dependency (evaluation and treatment)
(805) 650-3094

Gladstone Counseling Center –
(805) 646-9724

Sparkitivity (formerly Ignite Creative Learning Studio)
Katie Haydon, Founder and Educational Consultant  –
We support parents to pinpoint child strengths and interests to build a strong foundation of self-knowledge, motivation, engagement, and confidence.  We collaborate with schools and teachers to connect these strengths to learning, practically apply them, and improve learning success.
(805) 798-1041

Life Choices Pregnancy Clinic of Ojai (24 hour hotline) –
(805) 646-6830

Transitional Age Youth Program – The TAY Tunnel (in Oxnard) empowers individuals – ages 16 to 25 – to take an active role in creating positive lifestyle changes within a supportive, safe and understanding environment –
(805) 240-2538  Facebook:!/TayTunnel

Young Life (Ojai Valley) –
Area Director – Nathalie Selleslags, (805) 794-1663
A Christian non-denominational and non-profit organization that mentors youth and works with parents regardless of faith (or no faith).

Youth/Gang Relations  –
Ojai Community Church — Pastor Paul Bergman;
(805) 798-1337

Within the Ojai Unified School District (K-12), trained grief counselors are available to work with youth and teens to deal with issues ranging from death, separation and divorce.   In the private school settings, consult with your schools’ administrator for the appropriate individual(s) to work directly with.

Jeanine Murphy, L.M.F.T.
Ojai Unified School District/Mental Health Clinician
HELP of Ojai Clinical Supervisor for Bereavement Program
(805) 640-4343,  ext.1858

Becky Lowe, L.M.F.T.– specializes in grief and bereavement
(805) 798-3942

Joanie Chiarodit, LMFT
(805) 646-0916

Sandra Blase, L.M.F.T.
(805) 646-0073

Nicola Gosen, L.M.F.T.
(805) 680-2621 –

Julie Sardonia, M.A., L.M.F.T
(805) 797-5539

Kathy Leary-Wilde, L.M.F.T., Private Practices/HELP of Ojai –
(805) 218-9798

Heidi Rosenbaum, M.D.
(805) 223-0700

Patricia Teague, L.M.F.T.
(805) 798-0739

In the event of an family of personal emergency or crisis, contact 911 or 211 (social services)  immediately.

Family Assistance (Non-Emergency)

Clinicas Del Camino Real – offers low-cost counseling –  
Ojai  (805) 640-8293

Comprehensive Multi-Dimensional Family Resource Team (CMFRT) – Aspiranet  in Ventura
(805) 289-0120

Family Assistance for At Risk Students (English/Spanish Services)
Susana Arce;
(805) 535-0402

Interface Children and Family Services in Camarillo –
(800) 339-9597 (24 Hour Hotline) or Office (805) 485-6114

Interface – Oxnard Family Resource Center — Youth Crisis Program and Cool Homes (mental health and substance abuse counseling, support and parenting)
(805) 973-5300

Interface – Santa Paula Family Resource Center — Youth Crisis Program and Cool Homes (mental health and substance abuse counseling, support and parenting)
(805) 525-6616

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Ventura County
(805) 641-2426

Ventura Co. Behavioral Health)

Website: (Click on “MHSA” on the drop down menu under Behavioral health)

  • A New Start for Moms — pregnant and/or parenting women with alcohol and drug issues
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Services
  • Client Advocate Behavioral Health Alcohol & Drug Programs
  • Driving Under the Influence Program
  • Medical Support Services – Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Community Centers
  • Substance Abuse Crime Prevention Program

For more information contact Cathy Morrison ( at (805) 981-8497